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Gasteiner Heilstollen - Gastein Healing Galleries
Natural pain relief! Unique world wide!

Gasteiner Heilstollen in Böckstein
Health and Energy from Gastein's Mountains

Therapy for pain relief and relaxation

It was really the hope of finding gold which drove the inhabitants of Gastein to look at the inside of the Radhausberg mountain 50 years ago. When they built the mine they did not find the precious metal,
but something much more valuable: healing forces.

Even after your initial "sampler visit", you will feel the positive effects on your mind, body and soul! The Healing Gallery is ideal both for treatments of diseases and – because it strengthens your immune system – as a preventive measure.

A modern train carries visitors into the therapy area. Once there,
your body will enjoy its well-earned rest and relaxation.

Natural pain relief
The healing climate in the therapy area of the Gastein Healing Gallery is unique world wide. Pleasant warmth ranging from 37 to 41.5 degrees Celsius, high humidity between 70 and 100 percent and a elevated natural radon levels, combine to endow the body
with vitality and vigour.

The Effects of a Gastein Healing Gallery Cure:

Gasteiner Heilstollen - Heilstollenkur

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